Boebert’s staunch Second Amendment advocacy receives praise from some Garfield County residents |

Boebert’s staunch Second Amendment advocacy receives praise from some Garfield County residents

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., poses for the camera in front of Shooters Grill in May 2020. Kyle Mills / Post Independent

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., is often seen carrying one of the world’s most widely used pistols: a 9-mm caliber Glock.

Whether challenging open-carry protocol at Capitol Hill, or holding a rally in downtown Rifle, Boebert almost always has the Austrian-made pistol at her side.

More recently, the 34-year-old Rifle Republican made headlines during an online Congressional House committee meeting aimed at addressing gun control. Boebert displayed two modern sporting rifles — along with a shotgun and a Glock — on a shelf behind her.

“She’s a strong supporter of (the Second Amendment), as am I,” Garfield County Sheriff and longtime Boebert supporter Lou Vallario said during a conservative rally in Glenwood Springs, in January. “Our Second Amendment rights are always trying to get eroded. I’m proud of her for being able to stand up for the Second Amendment.”

Glenwood Springs pawn shop gunsmith and seller Greg Algazi said he not only agrees with Boebert’s support of the right to bear arms, but also her go-to weapon of choice.

“I think she’s just part of that mentality that the Glock is inexpensive, lightweight, easy to service (and there are) a lot of accessories for it,” he said. “The accessory market and the after market parts for the Glock are enormous. You can change sights out quickly and cheaply, you can get extra mags quickly and cheaply.”

Algazi also said parts — including slides, frames and barrels — are manufactured in the United States.

According to the company’s website, Glock has a subsidiary manufacturing facility in Smyrna, Georgia, where they produce the Glock 42 model. The production line makes up a small fraction of total Glock output, most of which occurring in Deutsch-Wagram and Ferlach, Austria, as well Bratislava, Slovakia.

Though Algazi also owns a Glock, he said he prefers to openly carry an American-made, American-based handgun.

“For me, the Glock doesn’t fit me,” he said. “When I pick up a Glock, it’s not a natural fit and doesn’t point naturally for me. My everyday carry is a Smith & Wesson.”

As to whether or not members of Congress should be allowed to open carry in the Capitol, Algazi said he appreciates the professional law enforcement who provide protection but that he didn’t see any harm in allowing for open carrying either.

“I think they have enough Capitol security. I really don’t think they have to,” he said. “But why not? Why not be prepared?”

In addition to Washington gun protocol, Algazi said Boebert’s in a key position to advocate for American gun rights. Algazi said 2020 saw 6 million new gun owners “because of politics” pandemic worries and summer protests. He also appreciates Boebert’s support for open carry without requiring a permit.

“I don’t want to go get fingerprinted, go to the county sheriff and apply for it and be on someone’s list as a concealed carry,” he said. “If I can carry it open for free, that’s what I prefer. When I walk with my gun, I notice people see it, and I notice people give me a bit more space.”

Former chair of the Garfield Democratic Party John Krousouloudis said he also supports Second Amendment rights, but disagrees with Boebert’s laissez-faire approach.

“Taking a step back and looking at the position she’s taking on handguns, my personal view is that people should own guns responsibly, which includes training and background checks. Nobody owns a car without a driver’s license and proper testing… And (Boebert) has a very cavalier, free-for-all view on weapons, which are incredibly dangerous, which have one purpose in life, which is to kill somebody.”

Krousouloudis is far more concerned about other issues — COVID-19, healthcare and economy — and said he hopes Boebert would prioritize those more.

“She should not focus on what kind of weapons she carries or what she does with it,” Krousouloudis said of Boebert’s position in Congress. “She should focus on what is she going to do for the people of Garfield County that are hurting, in the areas of Covid, healthcare, education and the need to diversify the economy because oil and gas is deteriorating?”

Put simply, Krousouloudis said he would like for Boebert “to work in a bipartisan fashion with people in Congress to come up with constructive legislation.”

Several attempts to reach Boebert for this story were unsuccessful.

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