Defendant in 2018 Glenwood Springs murder case wants to represent himself |

Defendant in 2018 Glenwood Springs murder case wants to represent himself

A Glenwood Springs man accused of killing a fellow homeless man during an alleged drunken confrontation in June 2018 wants to represent himself in his pending first-degree murder trial.

Trevor Torreyson asked District Judge James Boyd Wednesday for the right to act pro se in his own defense of the murder charge.

“I would like to break all ties with both of them at this time,” Torreyson said of his court-appointed attorneys, Ashley Marie Petrey and Trent Palmer, adding he’d just as soon not have anyone else at the table even as advisory counsel.

Torreyson is accused of murder in the beating death of Keith Wayne on June 20, 2018, during what police investigators indicated was a night of heavy drinking in a small park area located next to a car dealership on Storm King Road in West Glenwood.

Torreyson was back in court Wednesday, after continued hearings in July and August, appearing before Boyd via WebEx video from the Garfield County Jail. He has been in jail on $1 million bond since his arrest the day after the incident.

Boyd questioned Torreyson on his ability to effectively represent himself, and said it’s a tall order for someone to serve as their own attorney in any criminal case, let alone a first-degree murder trial.

“It’s widely recognized by people with experience in the courts, that those who try to represent themselves often do a bad job of it,” Boyd said, probing Torreyson on his ability to represent himself at trial.

Torreyson has had a history of conflicts with his legal representatives as the case has dragged out for more than two years, first with the Public Defender’s Office and now with his court-appointed attorneys.

Boyd strongly advised Torreyson that the requirements of preparing for trial, reviewing evidence and following courtroom procedures may be beyond his ability without some legal training.

Torreyson admitted he does not have such training, and said he completed his general education requirements for high school and some college, but did not study law.

But he said he’s prepared to represent himself, if he can be provided with the same information that his lawyers would have been.

“I haven’t even seen more than 3,000 pages of my discovery. I’ve seen lots of pictures, but that’s it,” he said, requesting he be given the information to properly prepare if he does decide to represent himself.

Boyd gave Torreyson a few more days to think about it. A follow-up hearing is slated for 3 p.m. next Tuesday.

Both Torreyson, now 43, and Wayne were experiencing homelessness at the time of the incident, and were said to be well-known within the community of people who often camp on the outskirts of Glenwood Springs.

Wayne, who was 56, was found dead that night near several car dealerships in West Glenwood off of Storm King Road, with wounds on his left temple consistent with blunt force trauma.

The first officers on the scene found dry blood boot tracks on the concrete, leading west from the scene.

When police arrested Torreyson later that day, he was discovered in his campsite near Interstate 70 with blood on his boots, pants, shirt and arms, according to evidence in the case.

Police initially identified Torreyson as the primary suspect in the case because of a bandana officers found at the scene under Wayne’s body, which officers recognized from previous contacts with the defendant.

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